Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nope, Not Reading This Book Neither


Finished not reading Jess Walters "Over Tumbled Graves." And that's too bad, too, because I really enjoyed his "Citizen Vince" and had high hopes for it. Blurbed like heck, too, so I went into it expecting great things. Instead I found it amateurishly written - switches in points-of-view in mid-paragraph, clunky transitions, just overall poorly done. Supposed to be a serial killer mystery only different but, well, I was indifferent. Worst of all was the hero, or heroine in this case. Gloomy and humorless with one dang thing in her personal life heaped on her after another with this horrific case only making things worse.

So I cast it aside. So sue me.

My problem now is I have nothing in the book bullpen to fall back on. When I get the chance, I'll get on over to the library and see what I can put together but for now it appears I'm in one of those nothing-appeals-to-me-readingwise stages. Just gotta work through it, I guess.

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