Thursday, October 22, 2009

Joining the iPhone Nation

I managed to FUBAR my Blackberry for good - short version: when synching with your computer and it tells you don't disconnect, don't - and, you know, I don't really mind. I bought the thing over a year ago, trading it for a perfectly good Palm that I really liked upon the advice of my IT guy. Didn't live up to his promises and I resented it ever since. Hated not having a touch screen and what's up with the little roller ball thingie? Sometimes it wouldn't work at all for no apparent reason and then it'd work just fine. And right off I got dust under the screen, dust I couldn't blow out or get ride of no matter what I did. Good riddance I say. I know others out there are quite pleased with theirs and to them I say, have a happy life.

So I've joined the rest of the crowd and became a member of the iPhone nation. I was reeled in by the siren's song of the Apple store and, man, do they make it easy to part with a couplea hundred bucks. Gotta start the long, tedious process of setting up e-mail accounts, downloading apps, etc. to get up to speed but so far it's been a pleasure. Is it better than my Blackberry? Of course it is, it's not a Blackberry. But there are features that're different and that may take some time getting used to. For now, though, I'm having great fun sliding my greasy fingers around on that pristine screen.

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