Friday, October 23, 2009

Post-Tax Season

We're approaching an odd time for a tax and accounting practice. We're in a sort of a twilight world, caught between the tidying up the loose ends of the just-ended season and making preparations for the new one which begins in only a couple of months. Then there are the clients who are fiscal-year enders - a precursor of things to come - and the clients with tax matters before the IRS that need resolution which knows no season. Humming along nicely in the background are the accounting clients that need their reports monthly.

There are staff matters to look after, too. Terra returns to her quest for her CPA and sits for a part of the exam next week. Kyle the intern continues to juggle a full course load with the duties both I and my office partner assign him. They've got big things ahead of them and I've got to make plans to accommodate if I want to keep them. And I do.

There's new software to consider. New software to install. There are office procedures we need to evaluate for their effectiveness in serving our clients. What worked this past year? What didn't? What can we do to help our clients more? What can we do to attract new, high-quality clients?

In many ways, this "down" time is busier than the regular tax season and I'm grateful for it.

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