Monday, October 5, 2009

The one game I actually watch and OU loses. To the University of Miami Hurricanes. Which gives my brother John even more reason to crow about one of his favorite sports teams. He insisted on a post about it on my blog and though I'm loathe to follow the dictates of others about what gets posted, I'll oblige him. It's a small thing and let it be known I'm always willing to do the small thing.

It upsets him when I mention the 'canes and the word "pansies" in the same sentence, though. I shouldn't refer to the 'canes as pansies. That's not nice. Instead, I should concentrate on the positive side of the 'canes win: their parole officers had a Saturday night off for once since their charges were busy playing a football game. Though Sunday was probably quite busy for them. As well as for the local constabulary.

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