Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity - Book Review

Clara picked up a discounted copy of Bill O'Reilly's "A Bold, Fresh Piece of Humanity" and I read it with great relish. Sure, I'm a fan, and you may not be, but still it's something not quite like anything I've read before. Part memoir, part these-are-the-things-that-I-believe kinda thing, O'Reilly takes us back to his childhood to show the connections between the values he was brought up with and the person he is today. His thinking is straight forward and he promotes traditional ideas: work hard, be honest, treat others fairly. Sure, we know that, but sometimes it's good to be reminded that these are the things that success is made of.

For my taste, he hits a little too hard on his modest beginnings and seems to still carry his resentment to those with more money. Written in crystal clear prose, his training as a journalist shows, but sometimes his choice of subject matter is questionable. I liked least his chapter on his friends and his bachelor days and what's with this list of food he ate as a child towards the end of the book? Well, it's his book and he's Bill O'Reilly so he can put in whatever he wants and who's to tell him otherwise?

I understand the profits from this book go to charity so if even if you don't like the guy you can do some good by grabbing a copy. O'Reilly is undeniably an original and this book will give you some idea of how, and why, he ticks.

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