Tuesday, October 27, 2009

'Hoist a Jolly Roger, pull out our daggers and look for more throats to slit.'

Brit Hume captures perfectly the attitude over at Fox News about Obama's feud with that network:
It's been a long time since Fox News, which avidly cultivates its outsider status, got to play the underdog. But after White House aides recently labeled the top-rated cable news channel "a wing of the Republican Party" and argued that it is not a news network, Fox News found itself back in a spot it relishes: firing back at a more powerful adversary.

The salvos by administration officials have rallied liberals who complain that the channel has a conservative agenda. The activist group MoveOn instantly jumped in the fray, urging Democrats to stay off Fox News programs.

But the White House's stance also gave extra lift to the network at a time when it is on track to record its best ratings year ever. This year, Fox News has averaged nearly 1.2 million viewers across all its programming, a 16% increase over the same period last year, according to Nielsen. In the two weeks since aides to President Obama took after the coverage, the audience has been 8% larger than the previous two weeks.

I don't think Fox is as conservative as you might think it is but it's funny that the only real source of transgressiveness in our culture today is found in a stodgy ol' television news network. The revolution will be televised!

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