Friday, October 2, 2009

Michael Moore Is Clueless on 'Capitalism'

I haven't seen the movie - and won't. Michael Moore documentaries are way down on my list of things to see - but Jonathen Hoenig makes the case for Capitalism:
So just what sort of research did Moore conduct? Had he bothered to poke around a bit, perhaps conduct a Google search or two, Moore might have discovered that capitalism is the social system based on the recognition of individual rights. Under capitalism, the use of physical force against others – and their property – is strictly prohibited. That means that, unlike every other social philosophy throughout history, all relationships between human beings are voluntary. Under capitalism, there are no masters or slaves -- men deal with each other through reason, discussion and persuasion, and always to mutual benefit. Government’s role is not that of a king, but a policeman.

Read the whole thing.

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