Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Book I'm Not Reading

I gave Joshua Ferris' "And Then We Came To The End" an honest try. Really, I did. I tried to crack over a year ago and I should have listened to myself then. This time, though, I got about 150 pages done before giving it up.

Why not finish? Well, there's the annoying prose style I'd mentioned before to start with. It's just too precious. And then the seemingly endless parade of characters who come and go and seem to resemble one another too much. Finally, not much is really happening. An ad agency is spiraling down the drain. Who'll be next to go?

Oh, who cares, I say. I get the sense that the farther along I read, the less rewarding this whole venture will turn out.

Though Nick Hornby liked it, I'll take his advice about books you don't want to read: don't read them. So, I won't.

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