Friday, November 13, 2009

Another Stop on Rachel's College Campus Tour

This time it was The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (What? No football team?) in Chickasha, about 35 miles from the house. (Here's Rachel's first campus visit from a few days ago.) I'd picked her up from there a couple of Saturdays ago when she'd finished with her choir competition and she thought she'd like to take a closer look. We'd signed up for the Night Out get together, which promised a campus tour, dinner, some entertainment, and Q&A afterwards.

We hit the road after work, the sun just going down, the ride across the Oklahoma prairie in the twilight very nice indeed. (No, no pictures.) We crossed again the commemorative location of the The Chilsolm Trail - you can imagine its counterpart to the north where we crossed it just a few days ago - and arrived on campus when evening was just about full on. Lots of student greeters around to show us where to go in the Student Activity Center. As promised, we were entertained, first by a keyboard group playing instrumental Beatles - way to play to the demographic, people! -and then, after a good dinner of pork loin, green beans, mashed potatoes, and salad by an improv group who were very good. The students then when their way and the parents stayed behind for the Q&A - you know, the usual: tuition, scholarship deadlines, student safety, tuition, financial aid, tuition. Rachel texted when she was through - none of the majors really appealed to her so she was through. We met up with her afterwards - she'd found an school chum who'd graduated last year and sang the praises of USAO - and hit the bookstore before heading on home.

A very fine time, even if it wasn't quite something that Rachel was looking for. We'll cross this one off the list but if you ask me, I found the place charming. Small, yes, with older but well-kept buildings, a tree lined campus, and only about 500 students on sight. A college student could be quite happy here and have a four good years to remember.

Our next visit isn't scheduled until December. So it's back to school business as usual for Rachel.

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