Saturday, November 14, 2009

Breckenridge Goes to Pot

Everyone's concerned about Breckenridge's recent vote to de-criminalize marijuana use, right? Maybe not:
Breckenridge’s part-time mayor, Dr. John Warner, a dentist who voted against the measure but remained publicly neutral before the election, said the three dozen or so e-mail messages he had received since the vote had been mixed.

About half of the messages were negative, Dr. Warner said, and included comments from people who said they had canceled reservations and would never come back. Other respondents said they were thrilled about the town’s vote and could hardly wait to visit and spend some money.

Three dozen e-mails, about evenly split between the pro and con of the issue. Yawn.

I'd mentioned before my concern about how this will affect Breckenridge's family-friendly reputation. Looks like I'm just about alone on that.

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