Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Demolition Angel - Book Review

I'd said I was through with Robert Crais for a while but I'd downloaded a sample of "Demolition Angel" onto my iPhone to test the Kindle app and I got absorbed in the first chapter and, well, one thing led to another and the next time I was at the library I checked it out.

A good entry in Crais' non-series books. Another set in Southern California, of course, and this time we're chasing a serial bomber and the protagonist is female, a former bomb technician who'd been blown up and died but revived. Thus, the name of the book. I liked Crais' realistic portrayal of someone who had gone through such an ordeal - the post-stress and guilt of survival - and who was trying to get back on her feet both career and personal-wise. Added bonus: a corking good yarn with a good twist and a spine-tingling countdown of a final confrontation. A good, well-written thriller.

(A note about the Kindle program: I liked it better than I thought I would. Sure, it's strange reading a book on my teeny-tiny iPhone but no stranger than using any of my other internet based apps. Plus, once I'm done with the book, I can keep it or delete it, no stashing it away in a box in the attic with the delusional excuse that some day I'll read it again. No, the Kindle will never replace the tactile experience of reading an actual book but not every reading experience has to be sublime. Sometimes you just want to read a book, not experience one.)

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