Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chillin' With Emily on a Monday Night

Clara's teaching ESL and Rachel's hangin' with her peeps so that means Emily and I are chillin' on a Monday night. Anything she wants to do, that's what we'll do. A tip to the music store in Norman for some fun flute music? Perfect!

I haven't tried out my iPhone's camera much and this would be a perfect time. Well, except that with Daylight Savings Time and the season, evening falls fast and hard. That means night shooting which means a wide aperture and slow shutter speed. Combine that with a moving car and moving traffic and a shaky hand, well, you get this kind of art:

A steadier hand is called for to catch the busy, busy traffic:

Emily shows infinite patience for her iPhone wielding Dad and glows orange in the low light:

We dropd by the flute guy's place - you know, the flute guy, whose shop is near Bart Connor's gymnastics place off of I-35? Yeah, that flute guy. He'll take a look at Emily's flute and see what tuning up it needs. CODA auditions are this weekend and Emily demands her flute to be in tip-top shape.

On to the music store. We browse the sheet music bins until closing time. Snagged two books: one with Disney tunes and another with movie themes. Great choices!

What next? Emily says she needs a few things at Wal-Mart: shampoo, gum, candy. Gulp. Well, okay, if you says so, Emily. But Wal-Mart? Cue the ominous music.

Moon over Wal-Mart:

Emily's a study of movement in the Wal-Mart parking lot:

We get our things and head to the Quick Checkout line. And by quick, Wal-Mart means that's in theory only. The reality? Not so quick. Still, Emily doesn't mind so neither should I.

And then we're through and headed home. It's a beautiful night for a drive. Let's take the back road.

An outtake of David Lynch's Lost Highway? Almost! You'll note I'm traveling at a safe rate of speed for driving and photography:

Then we're home. The dogs go out, then come back in, and Emily cues up her DVR'd Law and Order episodes. I'm right there beside her on the couch. No place else I'd rather be than beside her, watching justice dispensed upon the guilty.

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