Monday, November 30, 2009

iPhone Pictures

Looks like it's time to empty my iPhone of its pictures. I'm still not as excited as I'd like to be with the iPhone's camera; I'm not quite capturing what I'm seeing, a complaint I really didn't have with my Blackberry. Maybe it's me but things just seem flat and washed out.

Rather than make a post for each, let's just make it a grab bag of sorts, okay? Here we go:

I was downtown about 10 days ago on IRS business and had some time to kill before meeting Clara for lunch. I killed it by elbowing aside the homeless exercising their inalienable right to access porn on the Internet and taking this from the lounge on the West side. That's the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and Patience Latting Circle:

It was a crystalline Fall evening. The moon was on its way to setting over Miss Betty's roof line:

(If my iPhone's camera can capture this, what's my complaint?)

I was sweeping the leaves off the patio on the sunny Sunday afternoon before Thanksgiving and I saw this guy. Someone forgot to tell him summer was over. He looks a little sun-faded and weak-kneed so maybe he knows his time's about up:

Here, I got an angle on him and the shadow he throws makes him a little easier to spot:

I call him a "him." Since he still has his head, he might be a she. Or a male praying mantis who has yet to learn the carnal touch of a female praying mantis. And the subsequent head-munching by the female that occurs in the afterglow of the act. Either way, it was surprise.

Finally, one morning last week we had a good deal of fog. Here's the view outside my office window. Not quite Victorian England but close:

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