Monday, November 2, 2009

Bella is a Movie That Keeps Changing Lives

I've sung my praises of the movie "Bella" here and it made Andrew Breitbart's list of best conservative movies as an also-ran here but don't take our word for how fine the movie is. "Bella" is changing lives in all sorts of ways:

Like many of Jason Jones’ best ideas, this one came in the middle of the night.

A member of the production team that put out the pro-life hit movie of 2006, Bella, Jones’ previous nocturnal brainstorm had instigated Bella Hero, a campaign devoted to putting a copy of the film in the hands of every visitor to a crisis-pregnancy center in the United States.

Next came Bella on Campus, which raises funds to pay for college screenings.

Now, because of a chance meeting with a New York City beggar, drug addict and ex-con to whom he had given a ticket to the movie the day before, he had a new idea and a new target market.

He instantly called up Tracy Reynolds, one of his key partners in Bella Hero, and pitched it: “Why don’t we screen Bella in prisons?”

The movie's pro-life stance doesn't interest you? Fine. See the movie anyway for a rich experience about family and love and redemption. And food. You're not against food, are you?

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