Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bright Star - Movie Review

We caught Bright Star a the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. (Our last visit to the museum was in August and I'd mentioned then we wanted to see a movie there.) The movie is about the Romantic Poet John Keats and his passionate, but chaste, love affair with his pretty neighbor, Frances Brawne. The story is filled with everything you'd expect - the eye candy of period costumes, scenery, and sets, as well as poetry and longing glances and doomed love. The cool explosions quotient is discouragingly low but the music is lovely. At times the actors accents are a bit thick; you may not be able to quite follow what's going on at times but that's no real problem. At two hours, it's a tad too long but if you like this kind of thing - and we do - you'll like this.

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