Monday, November 9, 2009

Emily and Her OMEA Audition

This past Saturday was Emily's first tryout for the OMEA. (Here's a post about Rachel's tryout last year - her last, it turns out, for her flute career.) Since I was busy with Rachel's college visit, it was up to Clara to take care of this one. No, no pictures. And all reports are second hand.

I may have mis-characterized the even to Clara. I think she had the impression this would be a sedate, orderly, low-key affair. You know, a few music students auditioning, their music wafting down the halls of Santa Fe North in Edmond? Not quite. It was utter chaos. The-fall-of-Baghdad chaos. The halls jammed with tense kids and their even more tense parents, the practice hall swarming with more kids and their instruments, all vainly trying for a final practice session or two. No directions. No hint of where to go. You know, typical. Did I not mention any of this before?

They checked in, got the final music, and then Clara shooed Emily back out to the car for some serious practice. Emily managed to keep her cool and did her audition just fine but wasn't chosen for the final. She wasn't too disappointed. Well, Rachel never made it either so no biggie. At least she was out there trying. More than I would have ever done.

They hit the Cheesecake Factory afterwards, a far cry from the usual visit to Starbuck's that Rachel and I traditionally made. Then shopping. So, quite a Saturday for Emily, too. Too bad I couldn't be in two places at once but this made for a special time for her and Clara, something that's all too rare, it seems.

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