Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Yeah, I'm a day late but with as fine a day as we had yesterday, weather-wise, you don't think I'd make much effort to get to a keyboard and post about Halloween, do you?

Rachel had to work at Sonic - 50 cent corn dogs! - so it was just Emily and her friend, Sue, who made the trick-or-treat rounds. Sue's from Korea and this was her first time to indulge in this tradition. She loved it! Emily went as Alice in Wonderland and Sue went as Snow White. Emily briefed her on the trick-or-treat protocols and off they went, not to be seen again for the next few hours.

The weather was fine again this year and, like last year, Daylight Savings Time had yet to kick in so that allowed for a late start. We could count on one hand the number of kids we knew, replaced by a new generation who have recently moved into the 'hood. Of course, the carpetbaggers swept through later in the evening, the motors of their rides a'rumblin' in the street. Plenty of good candy for everyone with a few crappy pieces set aside for the sullen teens who couldn't be bothered to put together a costume. Emily and Sue made it back and we showed Sue the tradition of checking out the candy before consuming it; she seemed puzzled by this, not really grasping why anyone might taint the goodies given so freely. We didn't make a big deal of it but we eyeball her candy as carefully as we did Emily's.

We shut things down around 10:00. Rachel breezed in - $40 in tips! That's a ton o' corn dogs! - and then breezed back out to make a spooky, post-midnight visit to a haunted house with her friends and her friends' parents. Claimed it was a real haunted house. She rolled back in in the wee hours of the morning made a little less wee by the miracle of Daylight Savings Time. She was adequately, and thrillingly, spooked and headed off to bed.

Another one for the books, I'd say. Sad to see it behind us but as fast as time is passing it'll come rolling around again before you know. Besides, there's so much more ahead.

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