Sunday, October 26, 2008

An Affair Of The Heart

This was the weekend of craft festival, An Affair of the Heart. It's been a while since Clara and I have gone and since Aunt Toni couldn't make it this weekend, well, what better time to go

A beautiful Fall day and a good crowd at Fair Grounds Park - there was a horse show going on as well, and that only added to the tight parking - and we enjoyed ourselves, strolling through seven buildings of crafts. More clothing than we remember in years past but an astonishing variety of things to see.

An Affair of the Heart is held twice a year - once in the Fall and again around Valentine's Day (thus, the name.) It was the Valentine's Day version we first took Rachel to nearly a little over 16 and a half years ago on her first outing. Only four weeks old or so, she was content to ride in the stroller while her parents wheeled her up and down the aisles. We remember that every time we go.

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