Thursday, October 23, 2008

iPod Shuffle Post #2

506. Peter Gabriel Secret World
505. Billy Joel Allentown
504. Santana Put Your Lights On
503. The Beatles Cry Baby Cry
502. The Beatles I'm A Loser
501. Sonic Youth Lights Out
500. Eurythmics You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart
499. James Taylor Irish Rifle Song
498. The Beatles We Can Work It Out
497. Wilco Hummingbird
496. Sting History Will Teach Us Nothing
495. Santana Africa Bamba
494. The Beatles You Won't See Me
493. Bonnie Raitt Cry On My Shoulder
492. Elvis Costello Talking In The Dark
491. Mannheim Steamroller The 7 C's
490. Sting We'll Be Together
489. Dixie Chicks Don't Waste Your Heart
488. Joni Mitchell Little Green
487. Hem All That I'm Good For
486. Sting Dowland: Flow, My Tears
485. Handel Water Music: Suite No. 2
484. James Taylor Enough To Be On Your Way
483. Madeleine Peyroux Between The Bars
482. Everything But The Girl The Night I Heard Caruso Sing
481. Jeff Buckley Eternal Life
480. The Band Don't Do It

An unusually long session but then I found myself in the car yesterday a little longer than usual and I opted not to listen to whacko right wing radio. Don't expect lists like this all the time.

I'm puzzled about how to list tracks like 485 and 486. They're classical so should I put the composer or the artist first? Well, you'll get the idea if I list it like I do, won't you?

I'm not surprised that The Beatles turn up so often - I have everything that's available out there and I mean everything. Always good to hear from them. But what's strange is catching two Santana tracks in the same session; I have only the one album.

I'm especially fond of Hem and I'm glad they show up at track 487. Their song is on a commercial for one of those life insurance companies. Liberty Mutual? You know, the one where one person sees someone doing something good for someone else and they pass it along? Yeah, that one. I was able to google around and find who it is and I've got everything I could find. Check 'em out. You won't be disappointed.

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