Tuesday, October 21, 2008

iPod Shuffle

Man, I loves me my iPod. I've got 1,939 songs loaded on to it - no, not a lot by your standards but, well, it's a lot to me - and I'm often at a loss about what to listen to next so I've set it on shuffle mode and I just let the thing take me where it will. It's supposed to be a random shuffle but sometimes I think there's some kind of something going on in the background because I begin to detect themes or patterns that aren't entirely random. Do you find that, too?

My goal is to make it through all of the songs - I'm often surprised at what I have and it's a pleasure to revisit old friends - but I haven't made it just yet. I got as far as somewhere in the 900s once and I'm up to number 467 now but what I intend to do now is post my progress and see how far I get. Beginning tomorrow, I'll start listing the songs I've listened to since my last session, with comments, if the feeling hits, about the tracks that've come up.

Let's see where this takes us. Might be interesting.

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