Thursday, October 30, 2008

The IRS Job Fair Draws a Crowd

I'm not sure it's because of "bleak times" like the NY Times says but something about a job with the IRS certainly attracted a goodly crowd:

The I.R.S. dangled the possibilities when it held an open house at the federal office building at 290 Broadway in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday. An hour before the fair was scheduled to begin, the crowd began lining up — recently laid-off Wall Street types in charcoal-gray pinstripe suits and trench coats; less formally dressed people; a woman with a new accounting degree on her résumé and a 14-month-old baby in a stroller.

The IRS isn't a bad place to work and some of these people seem earnest in their intentions. I'm just not aware that the IRS is hiring at this time - as automation has taken over, fewer and fewer jobs require human interaction. Add that with a new presidential administration that will likely not want to increase funding for enforcement of the tax laws, the prospects for IRS employment may be dim.

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