Tuesday, October 28, 2008

iPod Shuffle Post #6

572. The Beatles Help!
571. Hem The Burnt Over District
570. Dave Matthews Band Digging A Ditch
569. Wilco The Late Greats
568. Paul McCarteny & Wings Maybe I'm Amazed
567. The Beatles Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
566. Jack Johnson Never Know
565. The Beatles Ooh! My Arms
564. The Pogues The Streets Of Sorrow/Birmingham Six
563. Nick Lowe The Beast In Me
562. Rascal Flatts Stand
561. The Beatles Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
560. Billy Joel Uptown Girl
559. Patty Griffin Long Road
558. Joni Mitchell People's Parties
557. Tracy Chapman Fast Car
556. Sonic Youth Sleepin' Around
555. Dido Honestly OK
554. Dido This Land Is Mine
543. Steve Winwood Roll With It
542. Dixie Chicks Hole In My Head
551. Robert Palmer Trick Bag

Track 565 comes from their Live at the BBC compilation; it's a spoken word introduction to their next number and the title refers to a joke the announcer makes. It makes sense if you're listening to the CD but in random mode these things just come from out of nowhere and don't lead to anything. For the sake of completeness, I include it.

Tracks 554 and 555. Same artist, different CDs, both great.

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