Monday, October 27, 2008

iPod Shuffle Post #5

550. Jackson Browne I Am A Patriot
549. Electric Light Orchestra All Over The World
548. Sting Consider Me Gone
547. Annie Lennox Oh God (Prayer)
546. Nanci Griffith Shaking Out The Snow
545. Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris Love And Happiness
544. Wilco Handshake Drugs
543. The Beatles Hear Comes The Sun
542. Mozart Violin Concerto in D Major: The Last Movement
541. Peter Gabriel Shaking The Tree
540. Donald Fagen Ruby Baby
539. Rascal Flatts Backwards
538. James Carter & The Prisoners Po' Lazarus
537. Bob Dylan Po' Boy
536. The Beatles Little Child
535. Alison Krauss & Union Station Let Me Touch You For A While

Hey, I think the iPod Shuffle mode is playing with po' little me! (Tracks 537 and 538.)

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