Friday, October 24, 2008

Oklahoma City Gets a Lileks Nod

My favorite blogger is updating the restaurant postcards section of his site and Oklahoma City gets this shout out:

Adair’s Tropical Cafeteria, OK City, OK. “One of the fine Adair family cafeterias.”

Note the remarkably untropical exterior. It’s almost anti-tropical. The drapes suggest they've closed down for the weekly Black Mass blood rituals. Or, it's summer, and the afternoon sun is too punishing. I'd go with the former, Occam's razor and all.

Gone now - but the sign next door keeps the era alive. For now.

The prose doesn't make much sense without the pictures so go to the link and see a picture of Adair's and then see what the site looks like today.

It was on 23rd Street and I don't remember if I ever saw it while it was there; there's no hint of when the building was demolished but I'm sure I must've passed it many times since my arrival here in 1973. Leave it to Lileks to keep the memory alive.

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