Wednesday, October 29, 2008

iPod Shuffle Post #7

585. Sting Love Is The Seventh Wave
584. Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love
582. Garbage Shut Your Mouth
581. Moby Living
580. Phish The Inlaw Josie Wales
579. Paul Simon Homeless
578. Steve Winwood Back In The High Life
577. Steely Dan Bodhisattva
576. Annie Lennox The Hurting Time
575. Ben Folds Time
574. The Beatles Carry That Weight
573. The Association Six Man Band

Track 573 sounds exactly like the kind of music you hear in a 60s movie that's supposed to sound psychedelic but isn't. Groovy, man.

The artist for track 575 is a surprising find. Despite his sometimes PG-13 lyrics and hipster cynicism, his harmonies are quite lovely.

Track 574 is another one of those that sounds odd taken out of context. It's part of the stitched-together side of Abbey Road and by itself it's not much of a track. Er, not much for The Beatles which is to say it's only great.

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