Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rachel's Choir Recital

Rachel performed in her debut choir recital. All of the singers did well and Rachel was exceptional. Highlight of the show? Her flute solo during "Farewell My Friend," an adaptation of a Native American song. Her flute gave the song the authenticity it needed. Not a note missed, not a squeak squeaked.

How about some blurry pictures? Thought you'd never ask.

I'm shooting without the flash since it's useless at this distance and a distraction during the show. It slows the shutter down and without a tripod it's pretty much impossible to keep things steady enough for a clear picture. And forget about zooming in. It only makes things worse.

Rachel's the third one from the right on the bottom row. See her?

I cropped the next one a little tighter to help you out. There she is!

Zoom back out for the entire crew:

I can't post video due to the goofy format of my camcorder. I took video of the performance and didn't get any still shots. Got something afterwards though:

My photo editing software can take care of "red eye" but it's helpless to correct "white eye."

Here's a better shot:

A wonderful evening. Proud? To quote Governor Palin, You betcha!

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