Monday, October 20, 2008

Rachel and the Westmoore Color Guard Compete in Missouri

Rachel left Friday for the Marching Band competition in St. Louis the following day. I hope to post pictures and video from other sources, hopefully, but Rachel reports they marched first, were judged harshly, and didn't make the finals.


Well, I'm sure they had quite an adventure, anyway.

Turns out, the ride home, at least, was anything but ordinary. Rachel texted me to report their bus had gotten stuck in the fast food parking lot at their stop in Joplin. Stuck? What the hey?

Rachel texted this to explain:

Ah. Stuck. Well, that makes perfect sense. The driver took a steep driveway a little too sharply and got hung up on the curb.

They were delayed only about an hour or so before a tow truck arrived to pull them off the curb and they were back on their way. Rolled into the Westmoore parking lot a little before 9:00, so not too terribly bad. A dejected crew, to be sure, but one that should be proud, considering all the hard work and practice they put in. It's not their fault the judges failed to see things their way.

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