Friday, October 31, 2008

iPod Shuffle Post #9

612. Three Dog Night Joy To The World
611. The Beatles For You Blue
610. Steve Winwood Take It As It Comes
609. Mannheim Steamroller Sunday The 7th Day
608. Electric Light Orchestra Strange Magic
607. Gorillaz Punk
606. Dido My Life
605. Steve Winwood One More Morning
604. Peter Gabriel San Jacinto
603. Paul McCartney C Moon
602. Dave Matthews Band The Space Between
601. Garbage Parade
600. Pachelbel Cantata BWV 174:1 Sinfonia
599. Bob Dylan High Water
598. The Beatles Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey

I still don't know how to properly list tracks like 600. Classical musical titles are so detailed. You get the idea, though, don't you?

Funny, as big a Bob Dylan fan as I am, track 599 comes from the only Bob Dylan CD I've ripped and put on my iPod. I wonder why that is. Er, at least I think it's the only one. Haven't had a Dylan tune come up from any other CD for a while. I don't want to check my iPod for fear of losing the current shuffle settings. I'll check my iTunes on my laptop next time I'm on and let you know.

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