Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hollywood Perfects the Formula for Failure

I haven't seen Watchmen but John Podhoretz takes it apart:
The Watchmen series is said to be a masterpiece by those who think the words "comic book" and "masterpiece" can be used justifiably in relation to one another. It does seem to have been a landmark of a kind. And based on a quick perusal and my viewing of this movie, it was a classic--a classic in the annals of commie claptrap. What is more, Watchmen is one of the most dated pop-culture works imaginable . . .

Ha! Commie claptrap!

But Podhoretz makes a point: we like superhero comics and movies because we like superheros. Cynical superhero stories leave us cold - we can have cynicism anytime. Why fill our fantasies with it?

The sudden drop off in the box office receipts of the movie prove the point.

I read, and enjoyed, the graphic novel back in the 80's. I liked it for what it was trying to do but, ultimately, it was, well, commie claptrap. It held ideas that wouldn't last.

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