Thursday, May 7, 2009

American Idol - Down to Three

So now we're down to three - Adam, Danny, and Kris. Too bad for Allison. Her farewell montage was a reminder of just how endearing the gal is. Talented, too. But it's not about how well they can sing - that helps - but more about attracting voters. That means appealing to the broadest audience possible and with her niche, she couldn't go beyond what she did.

I think that's what'll happen to Adam, too. He seems wildly popular now but I don't think he's going to get any more voters than he has. True, he may have enough to get him through and win this whole thing but I'm not sure he can take over Allison's base. Then again, Kris and Danny may split that broad audience vote which means only one or the other will be in final. Adam should be in the final, then, but that doesn't mean he can win it.

The announcement of Kris' safety wasn't entirely a surprise. His iTune download numbers showed he was on the rise where the others had flattened and or actually gone back. If that's true, that may indicate a surge in his popularity and he may be the one to end up in the final two. His talent is no match for Adam's but Kris has something that Adam lacks: the cuddly factor. Adam is a machine, a creepy machine, whereas Kris isn't.

Next week is the trips to their hometown and then they sing two songs each. Can't wait.

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