Thursday, May 28, 2009

Missing Mom, Girl Found at Disney World

Well, if you're gonna concoct a crazy story to cover your tracks while you go to Disney World, at least go in style:
A suburban mother who claimed she and her daughter had been abducted and stuffed in a car trunk is was in custody in Florida on Thursday after the pair were found at Disney World, where they had flown hours after the mother reporting their abduction. . .

Henry told reporters that Sweeten borrowed a co-worker's driver's license and presented it as her own when she bought an airline ticket and flew to Orlando, Fla., then checked into the Grand Floridian Hotel with her daughter, Julia Rakoczy. The two were taken into custody at the hotel Wednesday evening, Henry said.

Ah, The Grand Floridian. Destination of choice for whacked out suburban Moms. And me, too. Some day, I'll get there. Some day.

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