Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol Final 3

There can be no doubt, after tonight's performances, that the three best performers have made it to the finals.

Danny's first song was surprisingly strong and he followed it up with a great version of "You Are So Beautiful," which, if I never heard again, I'd be just fine with it, thank you very much. But if I have to hear it again, I'm glad to hear Danny sing it.

Kris played it safe with his first song but it was a terrific match for his voice and style. I wasn't familiar with his second song but Emily said he did a very good job and on the technical side of things, I'll agree. I'm no Kanye West fan but I like Kris singing most anything.

So what's to be said about Adam? Word was one of the songs Simon might choose was Wicked Game by Chris Isaaks and I think that would have been the better choice. Instead, Adam was predictably unpredictable with his arrangement of One and he wasted no time in getting to her trademark caterwauling. Same thing with his choice of the Aerosmith song. For the first time, he played it safe, toning down his appearance and doing what was expected of him.

Oh, Adam will make the final, to be sure, so it's only a question of who he'll be up against. I'll say Kris, just to be different though I'll be happy with Danny. The surprise will be next week when either Kris or Danny spoils Adam's win. Adam has his fan base but he won't be able to attract enough of either Kris or Danny's fans to bring it home. Not that Adam won't have a career - yes, he's talented and that kind of talent won't go unrewarded. He just won't win American Idol.

Yeah, you heard it hear first. Remember that.

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