Monday, May 4, 2009

Rachel's Junior Prom, 2009

Saturday was Rachel's junior prom, something she'd be preparing for for the last few weeks - the purpose of our Dallas trip some weeks back but hardly the kind of prep that Rachel and Clara overheard from a mother at the hairdresser who claimed to have been preparing for this special event since her daughter was four years old. Sheesh. Can't imagine what the poor woman has in store for her daughter's wedding.

Rachel took it all in cool stride. Her date plans fell through but no matter - the deal was she wanted to go with friends anyway. So no awkward boy showing up in an itchy tux with a corsage he tries to nervously pin on his dates formal. Just Rachel getting ready to go to meet a bunch other like-minded kids who'd ride together to dinner, the dance, and the after-party.

Did get some pictures before she left, though:

Hey, Emily was standing right there so got her in on the picture, too:

Stunning, no?

Off Rachel went to meet her friends as planned. A few minutes past curfew time found her passed out in her bed. The next day report revealed a splendid time was had with details given only reluctantly as only a good teen should do so all our worrying seemed to have paid off so we accomplished this event without obvious mishaps. That's a good thing. A real good thing.

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