Friday, May 15, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Movie Review

A movie on a Thursday night? Crazy? Well, that's just how we roll around here. Deal with it.

We'd missed it opening night weekend and found we had time to catch a movie in between doing things we had to do and doing more things we had to do so that was the movie of choice. Clara's always up for a movie with sweating, muscular men, preferably one with Russell Crowe in a Roman toga but Hugh Jackman will do for her in a pinch.

A good enough movie, though. If we'd seen it before Star Trek, I might've enjoyed it more but for what it was - an X-Men movie - it was just fine. Lots of seething anger, lots of spectacular fights, plenty of FX. An all around perfect summer movie, leaving you hungry for the next one. Not the next X-Men movie, necessarily, but the next summer movie.

Not a huge fan of the series - give me Batman or Spiderman and now Iron Man - but not a bad installment.

Lukewarm praise? Maybe. But we've got a long summer ahead of us, people, so strap in and getting ready for the ride.

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