Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rachel's Spring Concert

Rachel had a Spring Concert as well, only a few days after Emily's. We were jammed up for a while there with activities back in April.

Pictures? Got a few.

Here's the crew, waiting for the show to begin. Pretty intense stares from Grandma and Grandpa, there.

I couldn't get as close as I did with Emily - and Rachel declined to cooperate. Here she is among the blondes, her face hidden from view.

No, they're not asleep, just intense. I think.

A pep talk from Mr. Westbrook before the show. Rachel's two girls to right of Mr. Westbrook. I think the entire group is saying in their collective head "Whatever."

Another amazing show - very technical but the kids were more than up for it.

Does the venue look familiar? It should. It's Westmoore's auditorium, where all of Rachel's school concerts have been and Emily's was.

Another fantastic night of music.

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