Thursday, May 14, 2009

American Idol: Final Two, Finally

Ahem. As predicted, the final two are Kris and Adam.

At this stage, though, it's hard to see anyone go and last night was no exception. Even without the poignancy of the story of his late wife, it was sad that Danny didn't make it. You get kind of attached to these people over the long haul and their fate becomes interesting to you. Oh, he's talented enough to find some kind of career after this - the world is filled with American Idol contestants who've done well for themselves even if they didn't manage to win the contest. He seems like a good guy and that means something, too.

Adam's not quite the juggernaut that everyone thinks he is. Despite the stupid cape worn by guest Katy Perry, and his loud supporters there in the auditorium, I thought his trip home best illustrated what his problem will be in winning: a loud fan base doesn't equate to votes. Though moving to see him visit his school and to hear him sing the national anthem - and he sang it beautifully - the crowds seemed underwhelming compared to Kris'. And what's with the hype about the topless fan rushing the stage. Looked like she was wearing a sports bra to me. Disappointing. But it goes to another point to be made about Adam's fan base. Kris' - and Danny's - seemed like an all-American, clean cut bunch of folks who would vote for either singer; Adam's was less so.

Kris was suitably aw shucks about the whole thing and I think people will find that attractive. (Not that Adams doesn't have manners; he's very polite and I'd forgotten to give him a shout out about his Tuesday's shout out to the other contestants. Good for him.) Prior winners have come from the south - heck, no one who's won has come from a state farther north than Oklahoma - and Kris' trip home showed they came out in force. I think he'll pull in far more of Danny's voters than Adam will. The added bonus: I like his music better than Adam's. Adam can sometimes thrill but Kris' music is nice. And there's nothing wrong with nice.

I may change my prediction as more information comes in but let me state it plainly now: Kris will win American Idol.

Can't wait for next week.

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