Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol: Finally, the Finale

Or would tomorrow's result show actually be the finale? Not sure. And I don't mean to give the impression that I'm glad the finale is here. Far from it. Seeing the clips at the end of tonight's episode made me want to start all over again, from the beginning, with the ending just about known. Sorry. I'm helplessly under this show's spell.

There's just no getting around that Adam outsang Kris but don't think I'm giving the title to him. Not just yet. Adam played it safe with his first number - my favorite of his, actually, and quite powerful - and though I had to miss Kris' opening number, I did see his recap at the end and I'd have to agree and give the first round to Kris. I'd give the second round to Adam if it weren't for his trademark caterwauling; what a fine song he had going there for a while, though. Kris' was too low key for the finale but on any other edition of the show, he would have shined (shone?). The final song was a draw: crappy song, good enough vocals, mediocre ending. Oh, and then there was Carrie Underwood and that redeemed everything.

We finally allowed the girls to vote - Emily cast hers for Adam and Rachel would've except she was holed up in her teen cave and missed her opppurtunity. We, uh, cancelled out Emily's vote, plus one. Sorry, Emily.

So, do I stand by my prediction? I do, and for the very same reason: Kris has a broader appeal. Don't worry. Adam will be fine.

Big goings on promised for tomorrow. I'm atingle.

(We hung around for the premier of Glee, afterwards. My. I could get hooked on this one.)

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